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SKIN SURG is a skin cancer clinic located at Ringwood East, providing comprehensive Skin Cancer services. SKIN SURG was established by  Dr Sol Adibnson in 2011. SKIN SURG provides skin check (Mole Mapping) and skin cancer medical or surgical treatments. 


SKIN SURG's scope is to provide easily accessible skin cancer screening and dermatology services to the local community. 



  • ​Skin Check and Mole Scan by the Dermoscopist.

  • Skin Cancer Treatment including medical (non-invasive), cryotherapy, surgical, and electrosurgical treatments

  • Long term monitoring and digital imaging/ dermoscopy for melanoma patients

  • Skin Surgery & removal of unwanted moles/lesions (face & body moles).

Mole Check


Mole check is the clinical examination of some or all of the skin spots by a skin cancer physician using dermoscope.

To locate a Docotor who has been specially trained in skin cancer medicine refer to Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

Your questions about the Skin Check process are answered here.

GP referral is NOT required for your skin check appointment.

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  • East Ringwood

Molespot Skin Cancer Clinic

108 Railway Ave, Ringwood East, VIC, 3135

Tel:  03 8813 0699


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